Monday, September 26, 2005

Research and software

I love software. And use it for research. What are some of my favourite programmes for this?

WriteWayPro, to start. It has Research Folders, where you can store all kinds of information and access it easily.

Book Collector. This software is a book cataloguing programme. I use it to keep track of my books and generate bibliographies. You enter books in your library using the ISBN and/or title/author. Most of the time the book's detail can be pulled off one of the many sites the programme searches (you tell it which one). I even keep a separate file for books I want.

NetSnippets. I use this for organizing my internet research. Not only does it save your favourite websites, but you can copy and paste information from the net into it and it records the url and day you collected it, which makes for easy referencing. One of the best features is the ability to generate a webpage of ALL the links you've collected! Yep, every month or so, I generate one of these and save it elsewhere, just in case something happens.

Each of these programmes offers a free 30 day trial. NetSnippets has a free version, but it's not as powerful.

So, what software do YOU use to organize your research?


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