Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Research List

The Research List is part of the First Draft in 30 Days method of outlining a novel. I worked on it yesterday and came up with lots of things I'll need to look into during my Research week:

Title: Henri's book

Material to research for the book:

1. suburbs of Paris - names, size etc.

2. Louis XV's relationship with his nobles

3. Maria Leszczynska - when she came to Paris, who came with her etc.

4. the publishing business in late 18th century France

5. Normandy and Brittany - weather/roads/towns & villages etc

6. English women travellers in France during the Revolution

7. Salons during the Rev - esp that of Helen Williams

8. education in France in the 18th century - what schools for young men existed? what were women taught?

9. clothing/furniture/food etc - you already know a fair amount, but more would be helpful

10. see if you can find anything more about spies, both English and French, during the Revolution

11. Paris in general - its neighbourhoods, who lived where etc.

12. the secret police during the Revolution - again, some of this you already know, but try to dig even deeper

13. more on feminism in the 1790s

14. birth control methods in the 18th century

15. how rich, noble orphans were dealt with in 18th century France

16. inheritance law in 18th century France - Salic law?

17. more on pamphlets and how they were published during the Revolution

18. look into the middle class in Paris during the 18th C - were they mostly merchants?


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