Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some cool sites to explore

Some of my favourite sources of research come from links I find through a number of research newsletters. The ones I find most useful are:

LII (Librarians' Index to the Internet)
Neat New Stuff I Found this Week
Research Buzz

From LII's Aug 11 issue, I give you these links:

Before and After the Great Fire of London



Worst Jobs in History, a hilarious and educational show with Time Team's Tony Robinson (Blackadder Fans will recognize him as Baldrick!)

For those of you with gardens, or very curious children *g*, Marylaine had a great site in her Aug 12 issue of NNSIFTW:

What's That Bug?

Meanwhile, in her Aug 4th newsletter, Tara at Research Buzz, which lists a combination of online research tools and cool research sites, linked to the 1911 Canadian Census Online - read her full review.

That should keep you busy. More later :-)


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