Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tomorrow is a research day

So I’ll get my research day tomorrow. Will help with the hurt of losing my kitty :-( I find losing myself in the bookstacks at a big library to be very therapeutic. I’m not sure if anyone else finds this, though.

I guess it’s because I get so engrossed in what I’m doing, I forget about everything else going on. Days in the library always just fly by – half the time I forget to eat lunch!

The day starts with me clutching a list of books to collect from various shelves, then I pile them in a cubicle, sit down and read through to find what I need. Discarded books go in one pile, while those from which I need to make copies go in another. Sometimes I make notes as well, depending on what it is I’m researching.

Generally my AlphaSmart goes with me, so I can make electronic notes – very convenient. And with WriteWayPro, I can store all those notes with my story – even MORE convenient.

Last, but not least, I lug my pile of books to the copy room and set to work there – keeping the copyright act in mind. It’s also way expensive to make too many copies!!

Of course tomorrow’s will be a shortened day as I’ll be going down with my dh for his picketing hours (he and is CBC coworkers are still locked out) – easier to carpool with him than deal with a long bus ride home when I’m still feeling upset and teary.

So, do YOU find doing research helps when you’re upset? And what tools do you take with you when you go to the library?


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